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K9 & Bloke

  • Released in 2010. Written by Gareth Preston
  • Comedy Drama. 16:9 DV
Four stills from the film

Join the adventure with crime fighting partners Dave Smalls and his trusty robot dog K9! Dark times have fallen for the duo. Burger World has closed down, so has Mississippi Chicken. All Dave's favourite takeaways and fast food joints have vanished from the streets without explanation. Can Dave and K9 crack the sinister forces driving all the best places to eat out of business?

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The Alliance IV: The Battle for Venus

  • Released in 2012. Written by Andrew S Crines
  • Parody/Comedy. 1080i HD
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There are dark places on the internet where the words 'The Alliance' are uttered in hushed tones...
That is because, back in ye olde days of youth, one of our least known early films was an overambitious, underacted space-drama. Well, for Christmas 2012 we made a short film to show just how far we've come, but never forgetting where we've come from! We hope you enjoy it!

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The Matrix: There Is No Spoon

  • Released in 2009. Written by "The Westlake Brothers"
  • Comedy Drama. 16:9 DV
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Were you still watching The Matrix films by the end? Have you ever wondered what happened next after that "eh, what?" ending to Revolutions? This film explores the possibilities of what could have happened next in the Matrix universe. In the British section.

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The Pertwee Diploma

  • Released in 2009. Endured by Jonathan Miles
  • Sketch Comedy. 16:9 DV
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Join the tomfoolery in this irreverent homage to the classic Pertwee era of Doctor Who. In a top secret academy, smartly dressed students are initiated into the arcane ways of the Pertwee by the mysterious and ever watchful Dr John Smith. Lessons include blowing up chemistry labs, tackling alien monsters with extra terrestrial martial arts, hypnotizing foes, facing your worst fears and of course, wine and cheese parties.

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Blind Date

  • Released in 2007. Written by John & Amy Isles with Gareth Preston
  • Stop motion animation. 4:3 DV
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In a galaxy far far away, a beautiful princess must choose between three suitors on the classic ITV gameshow. Can Celery Black and "Our Graham" help the princess to find true love?

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  • Released in 2006. Written by Kevin Hiley and Tim Reid
  • Scifi Horror. 4:3 DV
Four stills from the film

The Cybermen launch an attack on an outpost in deep space. The only survivor is construction worker Chinon. With no hope of escape and with death or cyber-conversion his only prospects, Chinon struggles to find a way to survive.
Deconstruction is considered by some to be Westlake's Magnum Opus. It took 5 years to complete and contains more SFX work than any other Westlake film.

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Auton Diaries 2

  • Released in 2005. Written by Gareth Preston and John Isles
  • Sketch Comedy. 4:3 DVCAM
Four stills from the film

An Auton goes from living the dream to facing destitution when his work contract is terminated and his marriage collapses.
"Auton Diaries 2" was featured as a DVD extra on "Auton 3: Awakening", made by BBV Productions. It was a sequel to "Auton Diaries" by Paul Ebbs, a short film included on the previous DVD of "Auton 2: Sentinel".

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Time Distortion

  • Released in 2005. Written by Kevin Hiley
  • Scifi Drama. 4:3 DV
Four stills from the film

The Doctor is shocked to find a bustling city vanish from under him. In order to work out why, he travels back into history but a sinister force is ready and waiting.
Time Distortion is a remake of a 1993 fan audio which began JM&KH Productions, a precursor to Westlake Films. The story is also a prequel to Future Investment.

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Star Trek vs Doctor Who

  • Released in 2004. Written by Kevin Hiley
  • Satire/Sketch Comedy. 16:9 DV
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The great rival science fiction series clash for supremacy in this irreverent and crazed comedy.
Best of all, you get to decide how it ends, choose your preferred victor!
Star Trek Vs Doctor Who was orginally created as an ongoing website comedy feature poking fun at fandom rivalries and the film quickly became a major success!

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The Nemesis of Doom

  • Released in 2004. Written by Andrew Crines
  • Comedy. 16:9 DV
Four stills from the film

The Doctor's companion, Warren is sick of him looking like hes stepped out of a Dickensian Convention. So, he takes him to a clothes shop where the Doctor undergoes a contemporary style change... Meanwhile, the Doctor's old enemy, the Master is out looking for revenge. But can the Doctor and Warren avoid their nemesis of doom?

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Future Investment

  • Released in 2000. Written by Kevin Hiley
  • Scifi Drama. 4:3 Video8
Four stills from the film

In 2004, London is a nuclear wasteland. How does this aberration of history relate to the fate of a Victorian pauper the Doctor encountered in a recent adventure?
Future Investment was for a long time our most popular fan film and the first to embrace digital editing. It was here that we all really cut our teeth as film-makers.

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