Welcome to Westlake Films

Westlake Films is a not-for-profit amateur film-making group based in the north of England. We've been making short films together as friends for nearly twenty years and most of what we have created is made available here for you to download. We've won awards for several of our films and love a chance to tour film clubs and conventions to show them off to the general public.

What's more is we are offering you much higher quality versions of our films than we've ever been able to before! Over time we will continue to add to and improve our new website so although we hope you won't come across technical difficulties, please bear with us as this is all still a work in progress. Any issues you do find then please get in touch so we can fix them!

For those of you who are new to our site, first of all a big thank you for stopping by, and I'd like to tell you a little bit about what you're going to find here.


In our films section you will find a large collection of short films to enjoy.

There is our comedy creation "Santa Claus Vs The Mayans" where we show the untold story of how Santa Claus saved the world from destruction in 2012. In "Shuttle Saves The World" we attempt to recreate the atmosphere of the classic Saturday matinee film serials such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Taking a more serious tone is our documentary "A Man of Words" exploring the life and works of prolific Victorian author Edward Bulwer Lytton. There is also "Memories of the Mill" where we experience a little of the history of the northern textile industry.

At Westlake we love our comedy and you'll find all manner of funny, outrageous and outright insanity to choose from! For example in In "La Dette Des Remords" we let our avant-garde artistic French side off the leash with bewildering consequences. In our claymation "Tales of the Woodland Ghetto" you'll see what might happen if Wind in the Willows and gangland culture ever collided! If you're looking for something slightly more sane there is our much loved "Rail Rage" the tale of two rivals marrooned on a railway station in the middle of nowhere and discovering just how hard it is not only to escape their predicament but how hard it is to escape each other.

Fan Films

Westlake originally met as avid fans of science fiction so there's lots to see in our fan-films section!

In our bleak, anxious thriller "Deconstruction" a lone survivor faces impossible odds after the massacre of his friends by the Cybermen. In the parody "K9 and Bloke" we see robot dog K9 teamed up with an underachieving everyman making one of the most unlikely crime fighting duos in history. In stop motion animation "Blind Date" we set the long running ITV game show in the Star Wars universe. You could explore our very British take on the conclusion to the Matrix Trilogy in "There Is No Spoon." There's also the full on slapstick of "Star Trek Vs Doctor Who" a crazy game showesque fight between these two Sci-fi titans paying homage to as much as we can get away with along the way!

The Haberdashery

Our Haberdashery section is the home of all the odds and ends we don't know where else to put! Amongst the music videos, sketches, talking heads and experiments are some real gems and it's well worth taking the time to explore! Dare you spend Christmas with Uncle Gilbert? You can watch the "Unoriginal adventures of Robin Hood" There's a fun video record of the now long gone Llangollen Doctor Who exhibition and how we struggle against writers block.


A direct link to our Westlake Films YouTube channel.

We make films. Many films! Go, watch them and enjoy.


To save a film to your desktop, please right-click and select 'Save target as'.

Also please tweet or email us any technical issues.

If you are interested in showing our films at your video club, or have any other queries, please email us here: enquiries@westlakefilms.com

Fan Film

Poster for Time Distortion