Future Investment

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Production Notes by Kevin Hiley

Filming on "Future Investment" began in summer 1999, continuing in weekends and odd days for about five months. We filmed in railway station subways, 18th century watermill ruins, condemned churches, fire service training grounds, disused railway bridges on windy moors, and war memorials to name a few! Everyone involved had to put up with every kind of chaos.

It's my belief that although a lot of good material was filmed, "Future Investment's" eventual successes came from post-production. Salvation came in the form of John's generosity and swollen bank account resulting in a thousand pounds worth of editing hardware. It took about 6 weeks to edit "Future Investment". My fate for this time was to spend up to 13 hours propped up against the PC racing to complete the film for its 22nd of December deadline, when it would be premiered at our Christmas party.

Peter Wicks, armed with his midi input devices, cakewalk, stacks of sound fonts, a healthy obsession with Paddy Kingsland, and the dubious claim of having an Ox as a musical instrument, had only a couple of weeks from receiving the first scratchy video copy of Future Investment to needing to have a completed score (you can download the entire soundtrack from the links below). Future Investment also benefited a great deal from the talents of Raphael Klein, whose work on 3D imagery in Truespace made for an excellent title.

Like all our work, "Future Investment" is not perfect. It has many mistakes and could have benefited from any number of improvements, but all those involved did a great deal of hard work to make it work to the best of our abilities. I'm afraid we don't have any more Doctor Who videos on the cards (yet). If we receive some requests to do more then we may consider it! It's not the end of our video making projects however. The legacy of "Future Investment" is explored in the "Reinvestment" documentary.

The Timelord returns in another adventure available to download called Time Distortion.

Kevin Hiley
Co-Producer and post-production Editor (oh... *ahem* and the Doctor.)


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