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Production Notes by John Isles

Frank and John talking outside the factory

As part of my desire to make as many different types of film as possible, in 2003 we made a "Northern industrial film." There is a long and fine tradition of making these sorts of films in amateur circles.

Looking for a different angle to take to present the film, Kevin Hiley and I decided to compare my modern working life in a call centre with that of Frank Brook, my grandad who worked in a fine worsted mill.

Remembering from childhood that he was sometimes shy about having his photo taken I approached him with the idea... He was thrilled by the thought about making a film to preserve the history of a time that has long since gone.

He now enjoys his celebrity status as the subject of a well-received documentary. In fact no visitor is allowed to leave my grandparent's home without seeing the film!

Memories of the Mill has won Film of the Year and the Eric Shaw Award for Most Artistic Use of Photography in Huddersfield Video and Cine Club's Annual Competition 2003.


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