Help Wanted

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Production Notes by Tim Reid

Pained face superimposed over church at night

The story I tell of Help Wanted is that I was invited down to Derbyshire by John and Kevin to light the short film. This much is true – I embellish that it was only on my arrival that they asked me to play the vicar – but sadly they asked before I went, and rather more sadly I agreed anyway.

My memories of the production are chiefly of running around at night with various lamps and torches in the vicarage garden for the nightmare scene. I also recall being very happy with our underground treasure trove – an hour with a few torches and many candles to make plastic jewellery look sparkly. I recall making a dog collar out of the sleeve of an AOL CD. But most fondly I remember many takes of the shot where I got bashed and fell to the ground. Thanks guys.

It was a fun production, and it cemented some friendships – particularly with Gareth and Tim – my co-stars. They also introduced me to Mornington Crescent. The shoot made good use of a very nice location and the Post’s were very generous hosts, letting us loose in both their church and their home.

But, was I evil?

Tim Reid
October 2005
The Vicar!

Picture by Kenny Davidson


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