Very British Futures

The Aliens

Another Britain. One where forty years ago a spacecraft crashed into the North Sea carrying human-like aliens. Now after the culture shock, those visitors and their descendants are forced to live in a walled ghetto, regarded with fear and hatred by humans.

The Aliens was first broadcast on E4 in 2016 and ran for one season of six episodes. Channel 4 had recently had a popular and critical success with their robot drama Humans and had hopes that this new series would continue the trend, promoting it with a viral campaign amongst E4 adverts. Written and created by Fintan Ryan, who’d previously written episodes of In the Flesh and Hustle amongst other dramas. It was produced by Clerkenwell Films, who were then best known as the makers of another Channel 4 fantasy series – Misfits. Filmed at the Nu Boyana studios in Bulgaria, popular with makers of urban action films. However this location proved problematic for some of the black members of the cast, due to racism.

It was a pleasure to invite Rebecca Wray back to discuss this episode, along with her sister Danielle Wray. Along with John Isles, the pair have hosted the Tripodscast and I Don't Do Sci-Fi podcast.

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